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The 2019 Women's Business Conference will be held on Thursday, May 16th, 8am - 4pm.

Attendee Fees: 

  • Early Bird Rate (before May 11) $69
  • Regular Rate (after May 11) $89
  • At the Door Rate $89
  • Scholarship Rate for students and income qualifying individuals: $20

Pre-Conference Event1:00 - 5:00 pm

Pre-Conference Event: Delivering Fantastic Customer Service

at CVTC on May 15

Pre-Conference Event: Delivering Fantastic Customer Service

Arriving early? Come to the Pre-Conference Event on May15th, from 1 pm-5 pm at the Business Education Center at CVTC.

Learn info and tools you can use today to better attract and retain customers and increase your bottom line with little or no additional expense! Attendance in this session will help you to:

  • Understand the levels of service
  • Identify customer expectations
  • Identify behaviors of fantastic service
  • Practice effective listening skills to enable fantastic service
  • Use positive language to support fantastic service
  • Practice problem solving
  • Demonstrate delivery of fantastic service.

This session will be facilitated by Deb Clarke, Leadership and Organizational Trainer at Chippewa Valley Technical College.


Pre-Conference Event5:30 - 8:30 pm

Pre-Conference Evening Networking and Resource Mixer

at CVTC on May 15

Pre-Conference Evening Networking and Resource Mixer:

Our evening event will be held from 5:30-8:30 at the Business Education Center at CVTC.

The Hmong Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce, the American Indian Chamber of Commerce, and Wisconsin Procurement Institute present a networking event and mixer.  This event will connect you to business development resources from your area and the State of Wisconsin that could fuel your business growth strategy.

Registration7:00 - 8:00 am

Power Panel8:00 - 9:00 am

Power Panel

Becki SpinaInga WitscherHeather MishefskeJess Gardner

The Power Panel features leaders of four prominent women-owned businesses. Join us for a continental breakfast as we learn how they got started, how they overcame obstacles, and their tips for success.


Session 19:30 - 10:30 am

Legal Considerations for Startup Companies

MaiVue XiongLindsey Minser

When establishing and growing a business, it is extremely important to understand the various legal structures and tax implications.  During this session MaiVue Xiong will explain the structures of the different types of business entities, including Limited Liability Companies, Limited Liability Partnerships, and Corporations to help you understand which type may be the best fit for your business.  This session will also cover the tax implications for the different types of entities, considerations when entering into contracts, and the protection of trademarks and service-marks. 

Because many business owners or those starting their own businesses have families, Lindsey Minser will provide a segment on considerations for starting or growing a business in light of certain family situations.   In this session you will gain an understanding of the potential treatment of your business income in child support situations, the treatment of your business in divorce situations, and the importance of pre-nuptial agreements and Wills to protect your business, especially in blended family situations. 

Building Strategic Relationships to Grow Your Business

Tina Nazier

it is increasingly important to build strong, trusting relationships across all stakeholders in order to establish and grow your business.  This session will focus on identifying specific stakeholders in your market who have the greatest impact on your organization’s mission.  It will also provide insight into the keys to building strong, collaborative, lasting relationships with these stakeholders.  In addition, it will outline strategies used by other successful businesses to create “healthy communities” to support their efforts.

Following this workshop, attendees should be able to:
1.    Identify specific stakeholders in your market who have the greatest impact on your organization’s mission. 
2.    Recognize and apply the keys to building strong, collaborative, lasting relationships with these stakeholders.
3.    Outline successful strategies used in developing  “healthy support communities.”

Healthy Communications: Turning Conflict and Differences Into Assets

Rick OlsonChris SouthworthNeal SipressChristopher DeanDuane Kebschull

Conflict and differences are a natural part of any organization. Realizing these can’t be eliminated KRM Information Services, Inc. located in Eau Claire from 1994 until 2016, found a way to make conflict and differences an asset. It took effort and discipline but the results were amazing.  Working with Don Baughman, Ph.D., professor emeritus UW-Stout, during these 22 years, KRM was able to instill in its culture a common language and tools/processes to use to deal with difference and conflict in a way that made them a positive. Come learn how it was done and how you can have FREE access to the videos of Dr. Baughman’s teachings and other materials he showed us how to use.

Presenters are all employees of KRM Information Services, Inc.:
•    Rick Olson, Chief Executive Officer
•    Chris Southworth, Chief Financial Officer
•    Neal Sipress, Chief Technology Officer
•    Christopher Dean, Senior Account Manager
•    Duane Kebschull, Senior Engineer

Online Reviews: How to Strategically Manage Your Online Presence

Lee HeikeSarah Gordee

Ever gotten a poor online review and weren't quite sure how to handle it? Lee Heike and Sarah Gordee from Hookd Promotions, will discuss what actions you can take if you receive a negative review or comment online. From Facebook, to LinkedIn, to your website blog and more, managing your online presence can be tough, but managing comments and reviews can be tougher. We'll work through live audience examples as we learn how to navigate the growing world of digital reviews and what you can do to stay in control.

We're From the Government and We're Here to Help!

Sarah GodlewskiTru MwololoTammie ClendenningKim Garber

Whether navigating regulatory issues, seeking certification as a woman owned business or simply paying taxes, every business interacts with the government. Bring your business questions and concerns to this listening session.

Break10:30 - 11:00 am

Session 211:00 - 12:00 pm

5 Steps to Creating a Successful Networking Strategy from the Employee to the CEO

Gina Estrada

More and more women are spending their valuable time and money joining groups or organizations and attending networking events, whether online or in person, with no clearly defined plan or process.  With a background as a financial consultant, networking expert, and best-selling author, Gina trains purpose-driven women, groups, and organizations to create a plan backed with a simple process to grow their network, get more out of their membership, and be recognized as a center of influence.  You will learn how Gina added 300 qualified prospects/connections to her pipeline in the first year in business, and learn how to be among the prepared and connected.


Audit Proofing Your Business

Kristopher BeckerTammy McCartney

Small Business Tax and Bookkeeping tips to give you the confidence that your record keeping is ready now and if a future look-back is necessary during an audit. Simple to more tech-savvy approaches will be discussed.

Employment Law for A Growing Business

Mindy Dale

Are you ready to hire your first employee or increase the size of your workforce?  This session will cover a wide range of topics to help you prepare, including lawful hiring practices, wage and hour regulations, and the threshold numbers which may subject your business to additional state and federal employment laws.

Growing Your Business... Sustainably and Efficiently

Adam Wehling

As businesses grow by increasing the number of employees and the square footage of their facilities, growing sustainably and efficiently is key to success. This workshop will discuss and reflect upon current topics and success strategies facing many business owners throughout western Wisconsin.  Renewable energy including Solar PV, Solar Thermal and Wind energy will also be explored. 

Online Selling Roundtable: Etsy, eBay, Poshmark, Facebook Marketplace and More!

Joanne FaschingbauerAleisha Gurrie

In this open discussion, meet with other online sellers to discuss strategies and tips for success.

Lunch12:00 - 1:30 pm

Session 31:30 - 2:30 pm

Understanding Your Financials

Kelley BoyleDawn Yarrington

Learn how to use your financials to make decisions, manage cash flow and identify key performance indicators to assess the health of your business.

Be a Diamond: Strength-Based Strategies to Maximize Your Potential

Kathy Boyle

A Diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure.  Discovering your strengths can be life changing in the way you move your business forward and interact with employees, friends and family. Knowing your Strengths gives you proven Strength-based strategies to maximize your potential. The best leaders start with leading themselves. In this humorous real-life application of knowing your strengths and walking confidently in them, Kathy guides others in understanding their profile and how to live the absolute best version of YOU!

Food Industry Roundtable

Michelle ThiedeAmy Huo

Calling all foodies! Join the conversation with two experienced chefs sharing their obstacles and successes journeying through the ranks in the male dominated food industry.

Social Media Marketing "Musts" for Businesses

Chris HerzogTaylor Pelissero

Now that your social media pages are set up and ready to go, what “must” you do to make the most of them? Chris and Taylor will dive into the current trends in social media, what’s currently working for businesses, and leave you with takeaways you can implement as soon as you are back in the office. 

Vetting Your Business Idea- The Business Model Canvas

Luke Kempen

Do you have an idea for a business?   Does your idea have merit?   Can you build a sustainable business with the idea?     In this session you will be introduced to the Business Model Canvas…a tool you can use to help assess the feasibility of building a sustainable business model for your idea.   You will learn about the nine essential building blocks of any business model with a focus on meeting customer needs.  You will learn the importance of the lean start-up approach and testing your idea and pivoting if needed before launching your business.  

Break2:30 - 3:00 pm

Session 43:00 - 4:00 pm

Employee Branding: How to Make Yourself and Your Organization Stand Out From the Rest

Angela Eckman

During a time when our workforce is in such high demand, it’s hard to know how you can stand out as a new employee or current employee.  It's also difficultfor a small business or large organization who is looking to compete in the hiring game.  In this session, you will learn strategies on how to make a lasting impression to new employers, how to position yourself for long-term success in your current job and how to make your business the one of choice.

Financing Your Business Start and Expansion

Tammie Clendenning

Learn about the resources available locally and through the Small Business Administration to help small businesses start, grow, expand and recover. Services include funding options, government procurement programs, business advising, disaster recovery, and online assistance.

Freelancers Roundtable in the Gig Economy

Juli Rose

Editing, graphic design, web development, bookkeeping - however you weave together your income, join this open forum to discuss the pros and cons of working from home in today's economy.

How to Build Awareness and Generate Income Using LinkedIn (For Free)

Laura Riley

You know LinkedIn exists, but how can you best leverage the platform to grow your business? As a business owner, marketing strategist, and writer, Laura  uses LinkedIn to generate warm leads that convert to paying clients. Over the past two years, she has established a strong brand on LinkedIn, attracting nearly 12,000 followers and directly generating more than $40K in revenue. No paid ads. No premium account. This session will provide attendees with an action plan for creating and maintaining a revenue-generating brand on LinkedIn without paying a penny. Attendees will leave this informative, actionable session with a tailored LinkedIn publication strategy. Attendees will know what to write, who to target, and when to post in order to grow their business.

Your Money Buckets: What They Are and How to Use Them

Anne Mank

Many business owners and entrepreneurs rarely think about organizing their money flow. This can cause missed payments, late taxes, no savings and additional stress. In this session, you will learn the best way to set up their money buckets so you can concentrate on the fun stuff - like running and growing your business.

Closing Comments, Silent Auction Winners, and Happy Hour4:00 - 5:00 pm

This event brought to you by Western Dairyland Women's Business Center, a program of the Western Dairyland Community Action Agency.

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